Aimee Mann


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Let's assume you were right
And play the game of charm and strange and satellite
And when we've all had our fun
Deflate the stars and put away the sun

And so we can call it day

'Cause I'll never prove that my motives were pure
So let's remove any question of cure
'Cause even though you've made it pretty obscure
Baby, it's clear, from here
You're losing your atmosphere
From here, you're losing it

So let's assume it was true
'Cause baby can't lift a hand to swear to you
And what's the use of defense?
The hangers-on are too far-gone for evidence

And that one was lost from the first


So have it your way
Whatever makes the best resume
Whatever you can throw in
Wash, rinse, and spin till it's spun away, okay

But I won't be sticking around


Autor(es): Aimee Mann