A Life Divided

Save me

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It's the dying of all that you believe
Take a rest and enjoy the apathy
Here's the master of sensation
Taking over in every nation

Welcome the darkest age of ages
I see them running into their little cages
Something had changed the system
That can't wait to start the end

Tied to machines
To get their wisdom
While another part of you
Just cries for freedom
They got you, the break you
And all you want is nothing
But more of their fuel
We got no reason
But the clearest orders
To illuminate our senses
And to keep the borders
Safe from all harm,
We ring the alarm
The only way to get us
Is to steal us our arms

Save me - my world seems to end here
Take me back home
Come help me - I'm drowning in this river
Take me to it's shore

Take a look inside your black tomorrow
With stones inside your mind
But without any sorrow
They'll get you, they'll need you
They'll break you, they'll need you
Without any resistance you will be ther tool
Here is the centre of a new world warning
On those who attack, on those who fight back
The only way to get us is a shot in the head

Now what was said is done -
The sky darkened it's face
And we all are on the run -
But I guess there's no escape
'Til the dawning comes we try to find a way
Through the rain of a thousands bombs