Save The Heart

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Save The Heart

looking out your window
it is a winter night
your heart is cold like the snow
from the final fight
no way of knowing where
you will go
no way of knowing will you
ever know

turn around and you wonder
will there be another day
when the hurting is gone
you swear you're never gone
love again
you swear you won't be
coming back again


save the heart
cause in time you might need it again
let it go free
cause you know it's your only friend
only your soul
will be true to you right to the end
got to let go-you got to know
there's so much more than meets the eye

leave your front door open
and turn on the lights
maybe someone will come and
melt down the ice for you
too many lonely souls
are drowning in the river
release your heart now
and fly on through


middle eight:

twist and turn till you burn
screw the rules cause you'll never learn
keep the dream and make it come alive
open up and you will see
dreams come true and you're free...yeah you're free

Autor(es): Return

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