The Blockheads

Shaman Pulse

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Peaceful in our country, we saw the white men come,
Hunted by the strangers, endangered in our homes.
We have no fear or doubt, we'll fight them back and live.

But they master thunder, unseen death from their hand !
Eliminate [x6]
We fall to their magic, technology their God !
Call our Gods, shaman pulse !

We pray to you / O unseen one
Give us the strength to fight them back and live again...

Feel the blood in our veins, the power of our faith,
Strength and violence heightened, berserker rage on rise,
No mercy for the weak, the strangers will go back.

Oblivious to pain, hunt down the invaders !
Panic deep in their eyes, their blood spilt on the ground !
Thank our Gods, shaman pulse !

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