She's A Real Battleaxe

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he waits while the city is sleeping, she takes her time
hes lost every ounce of patience, she takes her time

But they're catching on, they're watching us

Inside these walls, the ghosts still talk
of death and beauty, of times long since past

Dont forget your past, dont forget your past

threw the window, shes watching as he walks away, this time i've met my match"

We're wrapped inside, each others eyes, in this place that we call home
Lets take our time, and try to find, the things we love to fear the most

FEAR THE MOST this time, you've let me go theres nothing left, for us, we'll keep our hearts to ourselves (she fell) (she fell)
(Like photographs)

Autor(es): evan pharmakis, brandon davis, nick lambert, shawn marquis

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