Hank Thompson

She's Just a Honky Tonk Girl

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Don't be fooled by big blue eyes
By a smile or a golden curl
'cause she'll love you now and then break ev'ry vow
'cause she's just a honky tonk girl
You can never change her ways tho' you give her all the world she's got more than one or two and each day there's someone new 'cause she's just a honky tonk girl don't be fooled by kisses or arms that hold you tight there will be another in her arms tomorrow night hearts to her are toy tops she likes to watch them whirl 'cause she's just a honky tonk girl breaking hearts to her is just a way of having fun.
She knows every man's a fool and you're another one.
She knows well the art of love she'll give your heart a whirl.
'cause she's just a honkey-tonk girl.

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