Legendary Pink Dots

Scarlet Wish

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To be as light as poppy seeds free-falling on a gentle
Breeze. Descend upon the devil's ground and bring the
Lost souls to their knees. As deserts bloom, despair
Retreats, and faith returns in crimson wreathes, plucked
From the garden that is me expanding.
Faith returns in crimson wreathes, locked from the garden
That is me. I shall land on where I'll please, and where
I go you'll know I've been. Red ribbons around your feet
And you'll believe again, believe again... There's so
Much left to live for.

Where I go you'll know I've been, red ribbons around your
Feet and you'll believe again, believe again, there's so
Much left to live for. Believe again, believe again,
There's so much left to live for so much left to live

To be

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