Jamestown Story


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Empty house filled with memories haunting me when I sleep in this bed
The impressions you left make it hard to forget, it's like you're a ghost
Now all my picture frames are facing down
Cause I don't have the strength to throw them out

I am scarred from my head down to my heart
Where you aimed and left your mark
It's all that I have to remind me you're gone, it keeps me from moving on

Raise your glass cheers to never looking back on this world we built together
All I'm left with are these open wounds that aren't getting better
Cause it's hard to forget this damn hole in my chest and the mess that you left when you left me
Now these blankets and sheets are like chains around me and this bed is now holding me hostage

If there's a will there's a way but I can't seem to find it
If I could then I would grab our tape and rewind it
And erase the mistakes, all the bends, and the breaks, all the lies and the smiles you so easily faked
And except all the facts that you're never coming back
And it's brought me to my knees

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