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Remember waking with you yesterday
Slept with you in your bed
Slowly opening my eyes
To the sight of you getting dressed.

You said, "You don't have to get up if you don't want to,
Here's some toast and honey I've made for you."
We sat and ate it on the edge of the bed
After a while, I got dressed.

Wintertime's been long and hard
Things we did, they got us scarred
And tears you cried freeze to your eyes
There's no dignity in being despised.

There's things I've done that have hurt me so
Been so scarred so often along the road
Been scarred too much and cried with shame
And I've begged for pity but not to your name.

Sometimes I can believe in something real
Sometimes I know all I have and haven't got to heal
Sometimes I know my way, sometimes I just float on by
Sometimes I kiss your lips and kiss you good-bye.

I won't let you hurt me
There's blood already been sacrificed
And we both know what's gonna be
Just open your eyes, per'haps you'll see.

You gotta choose
You just gotta
Oh, you just gotta choose
I could cut you down
If you just let it choose you
Just let's be chosen
That's all we gotta do.

Autor(es): Nikki Sudden

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