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I was caught because i killed a man
Now i gotta dwell locked in hell
Where crimes drug deal happen free
We all see it everybody knows the way it's done
Who's behind all the dirt?
That's why i hide my jack knife under my pillow
To protect me while i sleep

The cell is my home-my hate is growing
Behind these old bars my fears i'm knowing
Violence explodes in every cell all day to keep
That makes us all insane

The therapy of violence is not working with human beings
Where are the human rights inside this cage???
Gangsters with their guns run their business
Control our lives to preserve power in the criminal game inside the jail

I'm eating this trash-this floor is my bed
Torture i've seen-rebellions coming
Rats run between our legs our bodies
On the filthy food they serve us daily


If out of here i made my own rules
Now i became part of the gangs cast killing in their names
So for my freedom i cry

Cry for the memories of my kids for the life that i always wanted to live
The system failed and i'm paying for it with my soul and they don't know who's guilty of this...

Injustice ordered by a partial-racist-fascist justice
If i had money if i were not black
I would not be judged like i was
Justice is not for all it's for those who pay to have it
So for me it was deaf-mute-cruel-blind-merciless

The people here know what i mean
No one is treated as human beings
Fear lives inside the inmate's eyes
Everybody's rights are already denied


They want me better - i'm getting worse
Nobody here is worth my trust
The scars from this hell will be on me for my whole life
Anger is my pay back for all these crimes


Autor(es): Claúdio David / Sergio Cichovicz