Day At The Fair

Shoebox Greeting

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The ghost in the picture,
the smile on the face,
the absence of words,
are taking the place of what's inside you,
what's inside me?
the shoebox is open,
to what we left behind,
I kept all of your letters,
do you have one of mine?
to remember the stories that
pass through our lives

do you remember the names as
forgotten or fading away

I've tried holding your words
in my heart and under my
pillow to dream you will not
be a stranger be a stranger
in my life it overflows with
this box of you open and
closing the life we had it's
broken and fading away

the ghost in the picture is
smiling and waving goodbye
the ghost in the picture, is
smiling and waving goodbye
is this all we have now?
is this all we have now?

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