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Am i insane,
Or are you the one?
You make me doubt myself.
(before the aftermath.)

I call your name,
And who are you? you become
A stranger... someone else.
(and she's a psychopath.)

I'm sick of it,
Of all your s***,
Don't you get it? get it:
You oughta be committed.

You bait and switch
And leave a bitch...
You're back 'n' forth to the point of no return!

You're schizophrenic,
Meaning yes, saying no!
Stopping me just to go, go!
You're schizophrenic,
A cast o' freaks in a show!
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh!
I was crazy for you once, now i think you're crazy!
I was crazy for you once, now i think you're crazy!
You're schizophrenic,
A hurry up, baby, whoa...
Oh oh oh!

Remember when
I pretended you
Were unpredictable?
(instead o' freakin' nuts.)

I figure then
I had to be mental, too...
You were so beautiful.
(and still you're gorgeous, but... )

I'm losin' it, i'm losin' it,
You lost me when you lost it!
You fight the madhouse in your head,
I'm over it, exhausted!
I'm losin' it, i'm losin' it,
The padded room, you won it!
Enjoy your stay strapped to a bed,
The t-shirt: been there, done it!

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