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(Verse 1 – Carter)

First question I ask before all my sessions,
Bowl, bub or bong with some hemp wick,
what do you wanna smoke,
something with 30 percolators maybe more,
get Asher on phone, it’ll be not too long,
I’m getting high on Highgate, after school Friday,
someone is gonna get hit by the Vertigo,
laughing so hard I’m sideways
Shits mediocre, coke iced up, so I slide on down to loker,
I don’t know, what to do with my life besides get high,
And make music, on top of the world Carter,
no I’m playin thatll never be me, I’m getting’ a sack,
breakin it up and rollin an L of some potentcy


Come and get high with me and my friends x4

(Verse 2 – Carter)

Came in to get a new high, rubbin my eyes, light and my mind comes untied,
Numb and I’ll live with the promising sign,
Packin some of the kush in the bong, illadelph beaker bottom,
Blood shot never get caught, pumpin up full throttle, double or nothin for models,
Shouts to side sex and stressing on nothin, thanking my mother from bringin me up to something, songs about weed seem to be overseen, by the scene but please listen to these
Come and get high with me and my friends


And I be sippin’ on,
Rippin’ bowls,
Tippin’ hoes over,
Zipper closed,
Finger froze,
Whoa bitch hold up!
Propellers, spin, in air when I lit the decimal at 3 in the mornin I look at the floor I’m zonin’ come and get high