Gene Watson

Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)

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I won-der if you've had the time it takes to think it o-ver
And sort out all the feel-ings in your mind
Some-times I think you've found some-one to do your think-ing for you
'Cause late-ly you've been show-in' all the signs

Should I come home or should I go cra-zy
I'm beg-ging you please make up your mind
If you love me, then think it all o-ver
Make up your mind, or I'll lose mine

Last night when I came by I rang the bell and no one answered
But I heard voices whis-per through the door
Now I'm not sure if any-one was home to do the talk-ing
'Cause late-ly I hear voices more and more


Autor(es): Joe Allen

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