The Rembrandts

Show Me Your Love

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I've been down, this road before
I don't think i'm comin' back this way for more
It won't be long-and i'll be gone, out your door
You can say, the words you will
I'd be six feet under ground if looks could kill
But you don't care, that i've been run, through the mill
I'm not waiting around-i've about had enough
Maybe you'll never learn, how to show me your love
You can promise the world, but when push comes to shove
Baby you'll never learn, how to show me your love
Show me your love.... love
When you're alone, what do you need?
Are your toys enough to keep you company?
Who says pain loves misery?
Show me your love... love
Love.... love

Autor(es): Danny Wilde / Phil Solem

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