Social Distortion

Sick Boys

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Sick-boy, in his faded blue jeans
Sick-boy, black leather jacket seams
Sick-boy, he's always in trouble with the law don't ya know

Sick-boy, he carries a switchblade knife
Sick-boy, likes to get into fights
Sick-boy, he'll go drinkin' with the boys all night long

Sick boys - nananana
Sick boys - oh way oh

Sick-boy, rides a big motorbike
Sick-boy, combs his hair up just right
Sick-boy, with tattoos up and down his arms, don't ya know

Sick-boy, he's got a girl wrapped around his arm
Sick-boy, with his street-like charm
Sick-boy, he'll make love to her all night long, don't ya know

Sick boys - nananana
Sick boys - oh way oh

Autor(es): Mike Ness

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