Polar Bear Club

Screams In Caves

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Fighting with the bottle drinking me
Sunrise on red eyes
I'll take my one-man army to the streets
For this weeks story

Washed up but he loves to say the lines
To empties on car seats
Most of the nights he starts as two of five
With no chance to out man

The movie in my head is dragging on
Turn it off and we'll shut in on the songs that play
In your heart like screams in caves
And talks that stay 'till dark turns into oncoming today
You want a friend for life just listen to me

I know how good it looks before it's gone
The late bloom of a cold room
The bar lit star who always plays it wrong
Drinks to first tries on his last night

Fall to know it's fine, we can't expect much better
The trade for better times, the turn down without question
Don't you feel the pull? It's stronger now than ever
It left like melting snow and came back tough as leather

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