Pretty Ricky

Searching for love

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We can do it Microsoft
'cause' I got dat hard drive
You turn me on and
Get computer lovin' all nite
Girl I met you online
Now you on my laptop
Call ya boy yo magnet
You at the bottom of my laptop

(Verse 1): Slick 'Em

You know what I'm looking for
To make me beg for more,
Make me say words I never said before
Like a Libra I could teach her how to blow things like, Hurricane Rita
Or what about a Cancer romance her, or dance her
Sending me pictures all up in my camera
Ain't shy like a Leo
But got stamina like a Taurus, I can't handle her
Something that's down to earth, like a Capricorn
PrettyRicky dot com
Just hit me on my phone
'cause da Gemini is da bomb; they give lovin
like a tropical storm
No lie
I'm searching for da freakiest freaks freaks of all freaks
Scorpios, Virgos, Aries; I gots to keep her


I'm searching for a zodiac sign
I'm on da chat line, and sex is on my mind
I'm searching for her on E-Bay (E-Bay)
I'm searching for a zodiac sign
I'm on da chat line, and sex is on my mind
I'm searching for her on E-Bay (E-Bay)

(Verse 2): Spectacular

Capricorns and Aries
So juicy
Like chocolate covered cherries
Brazilian wax on dat monkey; never hairy
Make her hit a high note like Mary J Bli
I'm freak and don't know why
Clothes off and hails always shy
Take da saddle off dis horse, jump on top and baby ride
September; I'm a Virgo just in case you don't know
Play you like Nintendo
Baby I'm a nympho

(Verse 3): Baby Blue

I'm looking for a zodiac lover
Cool dat's sexy under cover (cover)
Girl love to take naughty pictures and den send em to me by E-mail
I'm Baby Blue
Lick em'high, lick 'em low
Super freaky Leo
Hit 'em den I'm gone
Lovin' all nite to a Pretty Ricky song
Love dem Capricorns, 'cause' dey stay so horny
Sex in da morning, sex in da evening, all nite long and long and long we bonin'
And I love dem Virgos 'cause' dey keep it on da down low
So I might go on da down low if she keep it on da down low
You already know
Let's go


(Verse 4): Pleasure

I'm searching for a zodiac freak, she ain't even gotta be my main lady
I'm lookin' for a Pisces girl; 'cause da Pisces girls are so freaky
I think I need a Capricorn; 'cause da Capricorns never tease me
I'm lookin' for a zodiac freak; a zodiac freak

(Chorus till the end)

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