Twilight Ophera

Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

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Against the light of thespian forge
They stride both sides on sinuous path
Deride the strive of facest opposed
Silhouettes of paradox craft
Dreamscapes for followers flawed
Sights to grasp

Minds palate for sinful flesh to sate
Love to drain from virgin disgraced
What shame and hate she shall raise

Slithers and crawls foil to all
With malformed claws
Through own feces, descend to reach
Zenith of stars, lethe of gods

Welded to prostrated past
Carcass of useless Eden
We shall transcend
Shift to higher phase
We shall aspire, ascend
Through dead evolutions end
We shall shed the skin
Lose the waste of history
Shred the roots and drift

Autor(es): Timo Puranen

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