Silly Dreamer

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Silly dreamer you're no dreamer
just a world of your imagination
And your stories and I like it
but I cant see what I want to see
Life is different and your commitment
its hard to grant your wish
And my sorrows seem so far
You cant leave me here,
me here, me here, ohhh yahhh
Silly dreamer you walk away
and say it's ok go home
Silly dreamer, silly dreamer,
silly dreamer silly dreamer
And you say everything is alright
and I know you are but am I?
You dream of the sun you dream
of the moon you even dream of the bigger blue
If I am not in the picture I'm sad
Silly dreamer
You're no dreamer
just a world of your imagination
Silly dreamer, silly dreamer

Autor(es): Anna Graceman

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