Since You Been Gone

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Same time every night.
Fall to the ground and I wake up.
So I get out of bed.
Put on my shoes.
And in my head thoughts slide back
To the break up.
These four walls are closing in on me.
Think of the fix you put me in.
Since you been gone.
I'm out of my head.
I can't take it.
Could I be wrong.
Since you been gone.
You cast a spell so break it.
So in the night I stand.
Beneth the backstreet light.
I read the words you sent to me.
I can take the afternoon but
Night comes around too soon.
You can't know what you mean to me.
Your poison letter.
Your telegram.
They go to show you.
You don't give a damn.

Autor(es): Russ Ballard

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