See You Around

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see you around
do you remember when it was
it seems like a different lifetime
you said the day would never end
in a manner of speaking
i know you'd never let me down
but it was different then

so i try to find my way
and i try to keep my head down
and focus on the road ahead
but every time i let my guard dow
n i forget my lines completely
and i couldn't care less

but yeah, i'll see you around

(i've been waiting all my life
and i miss you all the time
i'll always be alone
until you come and take me home)

do you ever stop to see
the way i blend in with a crowd
sometimes i fear i'll disappear
but i know inside my heart
that i'd rather spend a day with you
than a thousand more here


when did you decide
that you'd let me on my way
that you'd trust me to move on
and never turn my head away
when did you decide
that you'd never let me go
will you ever change your mind
if i never reach my goal