Dilated Peoples

Self Defense

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This is self defense. x2
This ain't no threat man, ???
This is self defense
Ain't no tough guy talk,
we're just doing what we have to

[Verse 1 - Iriscience]
I think ya better let it go
You need attention? I send medical
Basically you're trying to harm me, you're crazy
Musically, I'm blazin'. Physically, I'm gracy
Triangle choke ya
And what the fuck could have provoked ya?
We don't know eachother kid, and I did not insult ya
Don't make me feed the fish, feed the trees, or feed the vultures
I don't know stones, I throw statues and sculptures
I block flows with strikes and strikes with blows
I slice flows with my mic (get showns)?
I counterattack and turn the tables in an instant
Move out of range and step into close distance
Resistance, relax with less friction
Leverage and technique bring jokes and submissions
You got heart, you plan to make it happen
But none of my family are chumps or never have been
Respect mine, protect myself at all times
Build twice next time before you cross the line
I guess this is what you call a turn of events
And the best offense is a good defense

Yo, you want to hit us? We can hit back
If you talk that talk, you got's to live that. (This is self defense)
Whenever you front out, you gonna get back. (This is self defense)
Self Defense, you wish you never did that. (This is self defense)


[Verse 2 - Evidence]
Yo, stay ready for the worst
Paranoid, straight, smart
enemies hit ya where you think you're safe. (Self Defense)
I cut my fingerprints with razor blades
I'm in the cut, the kind you don't recognize with shades
Tattoos, learn two tricks
only thing between me and the borders and the straight face
Answers to questions, four eye contact
this confrontation ain't physical, but still combat

Leave ya'self left with options to choose
The last line of defense of my crew, (dope rules?)
Psychic, precise, right and exact for songs
Only time we've been wrong is when we thought we were wrong
The science are format's own conclusive, but peace first and war, last.
These words are crucial
Conflict resolved, but to those that want to brawl:
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
Also, dropping the ball ain't recommended
when life or death decisions are made within seconds
Of course we make the right ones, strategically through
Self defense, but not by myself. Babu


(Scratching "Self defense is a must" by DJ Babu)

Autor(es): Dilated Peoples / R. Taylor

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