Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Self Detonate

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Think that today is the day that I live a new lie a whole new way to piss away a life
It must have been something you said about something you heard from someone that read - how to piss away your life
I want nothing more than to find a new drug that will love me back and help to piss away my life
Throw it all away on a roll of the dice holding nothing back trying to stay high
Total fuckin' self destruction
Felony check fraud smoking pot on oxygen still fuckin' here ain't no one stopping me
I spent all the money is that why your here? To fuckin' threaten me your fucking kidding me right?
I'll laugh in your fucking face you sorry stupid fuck I ain't paying you shit you know I get high as fuck and when I'm high I'm dumb as fuck so go get fucked over again you know you ain't doing shit
Freebase in the face of death dead from just above the neck shallow breathing oxygen starved blood poor circulation nerves constrick around the heart

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