Beady Belle


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Talk of guardian spirits
And you'll have a premonition
Proclaim the good creed
And you'll raise superstition

Talk of food
And you'll crave appetizing flavours
Spread out illusions and you will find flavour

Talk of angels and you'll hear the flutter of wings
Talk of the devil and he appears
Talk of sunshine and a summer day begins
Play the music and you'll be all ears

Talk of heaven
And you'll find reasons to enjoy
Talk of havoc
And you'll be encouraged to destroy

Talk of over-consumption
And you'll go on a splurge
Give cause for alarm
And danger will emerge

Mutual inspiration
And appreciation
Leads to invitation
To collaboration
Could this be a consequence of pure coincidence
Self-fulfilling prophecy or divine providence

Autor(es): Beate S. Lech / Marius Reksjø