Self Punishment

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Gotta mind gotta fine mind

Find out what im thinking what im feeling, my
Confusing living blind mind, no acid pop dreams
Lampshade dress me, tripping on greed, my own
Delusions, table ready salt skull conversation demand
What's right, lying gold man, emotion complexion feed
Your distress, wanting to be, a little nothing

Remake everything, dont want me can't stop me everyone
You do is just about dead anyways, fight me tell me,
Refake, fucked up everything, congressman dead oh
Anyways, kill every mother fucker that stand in my
Fucking way, fight me tell me

Little porno adventure downward nothing, flight this
With me can't conceive this, ill love hate forever not
For better, worse than me dilated darkness, little man
What an image no more breeding, hand on my brain my
Little blood stain, no backwards position my incision,
Pissing blood tears please dont hurt me

[repeat chorus]

You've fucked jive everything, little slut to me just
A wannabe gotta mind gotta find mind

Autor(es): Bill Gaal / Chris Houck / Matt Holt / Nothingface / Tom Maxwell

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