Acumen Nation

Semester Of Hate

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Believe in every headline for a day
Then eat them from the inside
Believe in everything that I say
Then argue with my bad side
Turn the tables
Spin the wheel
Then spike my drink with liquid steel

Are you ready to unleash the intelligence militia of doom
Ultra-secret society semester of hate
Something wicked your way comes
Picking pieces of your simple minds out of the street

Proclaim yourself a patriot
Then burn the symbols of their stealth
Feed the hungry
Clothe the needy
Then rob the poor of all their wealth
Jack be nimble, well you're not so quick
When I'm in the study with the candlestick

Receive the savior, for the hell of it
Then ride them cowboy, on a sinners swing
Conceive of everything that you have ever dreamed about
Then laugh it off
Like it never meant a thing

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