Lucky Boys Confusion


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Sitting, attractively bored
You've got the sand in the palm of your hand
I guess I had this coming, it's been a long time coming
Casually she kills me, attractively bored
I leave too much unsaid, I leave too much unsaid
Don't let it slip away
Regret haunts forever, don't try to be clever
He musters up his courage, hello
To shatter these weak walls
And finally he approaches, the one he's watched so long
When a tap upon his shoulder, hello
And I'm swaying on the border, got to get my life in order
Then he turns around and heads back to the daily life he knows
Casually she stills me, attractively scarred
I leave too much unsaid, I leave too much unsaidSweating, my swagger ignored

Autor(es): Adam Krier / Kaustubh Pandav

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