Sluts Of The Netherworld

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Gods of death, sluts of the netherworld
Hail Morrigan, hail Thanatos
Hail Ahriman, hail Volos
Hail Yama, hail Hades
Hail Irkalla, hail Seth

Gods of death, sluts of the Netherworld.

Hail Nergal, hail Morta
Hail Wotan, hail Kalma
Hail Mors, hail Dagda
Hail Asrael, hail Midir.

Lapping Tongue of raping fire
Consuming hatred of wrathful ire
Of hellish throng and nether bane,
Whom with thy murder shall remain.
Enchanted slaughter hither come
& Let thy infernal work be done,
'till all in Heaven be at war
Less we be slain and breath no more.

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