So Bad

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I tell myself to hold on tight
Any day now it'll be alright
Thought I loved enough for two
But even believing won't make it true

One heart waits
One heart breaks
I swear I've given more than I can take
You're in my arms but out of my hands
I've got someone to hold but not to have
And it hurts so much
To love someone so bad

Am I a fool to wait for you?
I keep pushing for you to pull me through
A little taste of love is a bitter pill
I can't take it, can't make it
All by myself


What can I do to make you want me too
The way that I'm wanting you now?
It's what I don't see when you look at me
I'm trying to change somehow
Please tell me how...

Autor(es): Craig Craiom / Jack Sundrud / Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon