Separate Ways

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Mmm.. yeah…oh girl…mmm yeah…oh yeah
We used to be inseparable, now the love has gone.
That's the reason why, why you and i we can't get along
And even though i knew what you girl had done to me.
I never planned to cheat i guess both of us been weak…yeah.
Cards throw 'em down we been fooling 'round guess we're both to blame.
Nothing to talk about girl it
Freaked me out the night you called this name.
Mmm…not coming home till the early morn' what am i supposed to say.
Relationships are based on trust, so with us it's obvious.

Why don't we go our separate ways.
Just realise we've nothing left to say.
Neither of us wants to compromise.
Too many secrets, jealousy and lies.

It seems that we been messing 'round ain't being straight.
You say that we should work it out but it's far too late.
Being honest girl when all said and done got some things to face.
There's nothing left to lose, but so much time to waste, yeah..
What's the point in playing playing games with me.
We ain't gotta lie .
You might as well just pack our bags and just say goodbye.
Only human girl we both made mistakes but it ain't no use.
I think we should call it quits 'cos we can't go on like this.


I don't even know why we've been tripping for so long.
It's not like we both don't understand what's right from wrong.
Seems like we can't get along no more, so why don't we just go
Shut the door as there ain't no love here anymore…

Refrão (x2)

(girl i'd like to know) what else is left for us to say.
(girl i'd like to know) 'cos i can't see any other way.
(girl i'd like to know) why did we let each other down.
(girl i'd like to know) i wanna know, i wanna know.
(girl i'd like to know) if it all started with a kiss.
(girl i'd like to know) why did it have to end like this.
(girl i'd like to know) all of the promises we made yeah

Autor(es): Craig David

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