Serpents of the Light

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Free of their god, intelligence won
Go with your instinct to live as you want
No longer begging for mercy from thieves
They can't come near you, through them you can see
Keep to the outside the teachings of Christ
Denounce the father, undo his disguise
Die, serpents of the light

You are at one, the serpent now gone
Harness the power to refuse the son
Under the bible inherit deceit
Above it enlighten to what you can be
Savor the pleasure once known in your life
Heaven's compassion you know is a lie
Serpents of the light

Serpents of the light, return to where you hide
Give us peace of mind
Serpents of the light, revolting parasite
Thorns in paradise
Serpents of the light, expelled from human life
Free of Jesus Christ

Autor(es): Deicide / Glen Benton

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