Steel Pulse

Settle The Score

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David Hinds
I wake up in the morning and I
Flash my natty dread yaah!
Give praises to the most high JAH JAH
Then me hold a fresh
Ready for the world wide pressure
It heavy like a lead
I deliver dis ya message with a vengeance
To the heads of government..
To you head yeah!

'cause it's time to settle the score
The poor can't take no more
Babylon rotten to the core
The shitstem run by a whore

We nah go bow come we settle the score

All you intellectual fools now
Listen to the youth
They stumble in the paths of darkness
Searching for the truth
No more hey diddle the cat and the fiddle
The cow jump over the moon
We no beg, we no bow, we nah turn poppy show
Nah go play by the rules no!


Yes I and I selassie I soldier
Yes we come fe war
'Gainst wickedness in high and low places
Says you full a flaw
We are the militant prepare to take your stance
Lick down who in our way
I've seen it a thousand times I know revenge is mine
And now you must pay....cause!


Tings get gritty in the city
Have no pity for the guilty
Up from slavery onto victory
Mighty mighty rootsy rootsy

Natty dread locks
Settle the score down easy
Settle the score down easy
Armed with locks and cutchie
Ital yood in my duchie
Dread will conquer the duppy
If you live you are lucky

Time yes it's time
Rough and ready cool and deadly time

Dis ya hustle and a bustle
Fighting against all evil
Destruction of de people
Declare it as illegal
You in a bag of trouble
So don't you move a msuscle
The shitstem run by a whore

Autor(es): David Hinds / Selwyn Brown

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