Seventh Sacrifice

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How dare you live with the pain
Never again will it surface and your loss it was circumstances
and will you tell them the same?
Seven hours just for dreaming..
seems that life it has no meaning

Holy angel be my sacrifice
You're left it stages of your passing life
and still you wander through this world of light
Lord how you've tried

How dare they cast you aside?
Seems like heavens doors are closing
and you're left standing holding open
For someone you wish had died
Too much time and no more patience
and you've severed all relations
With them...

Oh Holy Father be the last in line
to spit the venom of your son divine
and still you struggle with the passers by
Oh how you try.

How dare you doubt me this way
never wrong have I steered you
Just conform they'll all fear you
a candle without a flame
because alone you are worthless
seems old blessings are new curses

Oh wicked child be my sacrifice
You're left in places that you can't describe
With the castles burning in your sight
Lord how I've tried

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