Sex With My Record Collection

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I don`t need no stupid girl
I don`t need this fuckin` world
I don`t need no conversation
just need my "Vortex"-Compilation

I got complete satisfaction,
hot black waxx gives me erection,
sex with my record collection

yeah, I know, I sold my soul
for the 1st SS DECONTROL
and the kids will have their say:
"haha, your money's gone away!"

yeah, my friends, I am confessing
I'd kill for IGNERENTS 1st pressing
I got sex with my record collection

I don't need no sympathy,
I need electricity,
to supply my high-fidelity,
with three-chord-brutality,
London, Paris, New York City
vinyl junkies, what a pity
first pressings will set me free,
gonna save my dignity,
I'm not begging for clemency,
you must collect like crazy,
this is my mentality,
collecting is my destiny!!

I would kill, I would lynch
I would die for any, any, any, any KILLJOYS 7 inch
sex with my...