Marques Houston

Sexy Young Girl

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Just got off of work babe
What you doing ma
Wanna spend some time
Maybe I can take you out
Don't wanna rush things
Cuz I ain't that type of man
Baby I could take you for a walk we could talk
Baby it's all up to you
Girl From your eyes to your thighs
Girl you look so perfect baby
From your head to your toe
Girl you got me sold on you

And the way you shake it babe
Got a nigga goin crazy
Bout to spend all my money and my time with you cuz you know you worth it babe
So go ahead do your thang
Cuz ima do my thang
And maybe later we could hook up around 1102

Sexy girl, sexy young girl
You rock my world
And I was thinking boo maybe me and you could get together baby
Sexy girl
Sexy young girl
Sexy young girl
Tonight me and you gonna chill

Baby tell me whats your deal
Can you cook your boy a meal
Say can we have some fun
Us just one on one
Tell me what you feel
Want to get to know who u are
You could never be so sure
That ima be your man
You gonna be my woman

Autor(es): Chris Stokes / Marques Houston

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