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Born again as one
Incarnated flesh I am
Cradle of my kind
Revelation set us free
Congregation once again

Chorus 1
The Shadowanderer - approaching us with death
His blade - collecting souls - takes away our lives
The chanting messages of fate - drenched in blood
The Shadowanderer - approaching

Maelstrom of divine
Purified in holy grace
Into fire baptized again
As I rise from underneath
Those will follow as I chose

Chorus 1

Eg gjeng over mark og myr
(I walk across the lands and the fields)
til eg naermar meg det endelege maalet
(IUntil I finally make my final approach)

Share this light above
It's the light of life
Clear as the winter snow
Purified through the sands of time
Into the light I ride
Now I know that my time has come

Onwards back in time
Some call me the messenger
Thus your fate it lies by me
Concentrate your life by live
Destiny is what you give