Count Raven

Shadow Box

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Welcome the future, give us the cancer
A good solution, in fact the answer
Radiation's good for mankind
There is no danger, says Mr.Narrowmind
This is a good decision
Says an over weighted, fat politician
They say that they making amends
Funny religion, dollars and sense

What the hell's the matter with you people
When will you ever learn
This war on the world you cannot see
Day of doom is what you'll learn

The madman of today, destroys the world
And your voice will never be heard
We refuse to see and lie, or commit suicide
No one will ever know how much you've cried
All they care of, is their financial success
But the health of their own children, they couldn't care less

What the...
The real retards

Nature's got us by the throat
We can no longer hide
Time has come to vote
If we shall live or die
God made this dying world I can tell
Still you send it into hell

I sing you this nice lullaby, before you go to bed
To give you some bad cosncience, the guilty out of their head
'cos no one's free 'til everyone's free, this I will make you see
Nature's crying for deliverance, start to make it breathe

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