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Nothing lasts forever I see
Another lie feeds my sanity
It feels like bugs are crawling up my spine
They will destroy and ease my pain
Now as I stare into the hourglass
There's nothing there, illusions gone
No matter what the eyes can't see
I even think the hopes are wrong

I try to escape from the source of my desire
The truth may be there, but I'm playing with fire
Since you've been there, since you're lost I'm alone
The shadowseeker keeps in what's gone
Since you've been there, since you're gone I'm alone
The shadowseeker knows the damage is done

I found a way from what I've lost
But this hole in my heart will stay
The pain will subside as I pay the cost
Accept the blame, don't let it slip away
Please cross my way when I'm down
And lift me up on higher ground
Whatever I do I'm lost in a minute
One life, one soul there's no more in it
Don't tear your life apart, don't trust a thing
It's counting down my life, as the night is closing in

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