Shadow The Walls

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Dry your tears friend
Don't waste time on yourself
We're all bound tight and saved
And no one cries but the strays
Pain is the pinch, the world's fingertips
When you're alone and sleeping
Sleep is a brace, it covers your face
And keeps you from feeling
Dry your tears friend
No one thinks you make sense
Got a long way to go
Lock it inside, repent
We bottle inside what keeps us alive
It eats at our flesh and our bones
Where we begin, the story's end
On a grave of stone
Somedays you don't feel so strange
On your own making waves
So your heart shadows the wall
While you expect it to fade
Hiding curled in their cage
So your heart shadows the wall
Maybe you'll fight and fade away
Maybe you'll drown in the middle of day
So your heart shadows the wall

Autor(es): B. Senn

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