Shakespeare Street

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When I watch the windows
All your words seem to echo in my eyes
A thousand miles in all directions
And I'm leaving home tonight
So follow down the river
Where all those voices never change
And you can't see you tomorrows
But never wanted them to stay

So take the road that leads to Loxley
And hang your head on Shakespeare St
Could you bring a little silence now
Into my empty dreams?
Cos I'm breaking into pieces
And I wish that you could meet me inbetween

I woke up in your apartment
Couldn't sleep when you're awake
Watched the sun rise through the shadows
To the edge of my mistake
So when you're lying there in silence
Think of me when I'm away
And all the words you left unspoken
Couldn't tell me where to stay


Your song's on the wireless
But it's not my voice that you hear
Half the world away from nowhere
When your words are so unclear
And now the rain tastes bittersweet
When you lie there and you're listening in bed
So carry me in silence
And leave tomorrow in your head