Shattered Ice

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This is not how i thought it'd go
I've been trying to let you know
That things ain't right

When we started we had it made
But the colors started to fade
Now we're black and white

Easy come and easy go
You bended rules that you don't know
The tides have turned and now you're just a foe

I've got something to say to you
(you're not for me)
You bruise me good and you twist the truth
(don't you disagree)
It's clear we're stuck, nothing we can do
(why can't you see)
We're frozen, we're broken in two

We're shattered ice, ice, ice
We're shattered ice, ice, ice

Though it might not be easy now
It's time that we take a bow
It's our final show

We can pretend that we're working
But there's no point, we're hurting
It's time to close

We've melted away to a picture of nothing
The games that you played kept us from further from something
As hard as i focus, we're both just a blur
Now nothing can fix us, not even a word

This is not what i wanted
Wanted, wanted, wanted

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