She Don't Put It Down (Remix)

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[Intro: Joe Budden]
Huh-uh, uhh
Shorty old news though (remix)
Taha, yesterday's paper
Check this, uh (uhh)

[Joe Budden:]
Baby like it raw, I don't even waste a Magnum on her
Clean up amazing, I appreciate the fashion on her
Bad than a muh'fuck, ain't too many passin on her
Only right I pick her up the way she got a wagon on her
When I'm on that road don't hit them bops when I'm in town
Not unless it's for the threesome, if it's poppin she'll be down
Know these other jokers be starin but'll stop when I'm around
First to get inside them jeans, she be hoppin up and down
Let the world know that she ride, they think eventually we'll break up
And I love it when we argue cause eventually we make up
I mean - we fight and fuck, we fuck and fight
We fuck some more, e'ry fuckin night
Shape great, taste great, body softer than cashmere
And anytime her checks drop she know that she could crash here
Them other broads is other broads, all of them is last year
Can't get mad, I'm just statin facts here

[Chorus: Tank]
She don't put it down like you, down-down like you (she know)
Down-down like you (she know) down-down like you (she know)
She don't put it down like you, down-down like you (she know)
Down-down like you (she know) down-down like you (she know)
She don't put it down like you, girl you workin with the killer
Ain't nobody fuckin with ya
She don't put it down like you, down-down like you (she know)
Down-down like you (she know) down-down like you (she know)
She don't put it down like you

Hey you gotta make you next move your best move, right?
That's what I be tellin her, haha
That boy 'Loso
Joe, what's up boy?

Never trippin off the past, I would rather never mind 'em
Cause only fools trip over somethin that be behind 'em
And yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery
She here at the present time, it feel like a gift when she
put it down, down, all the way, down
You could get, down, but can you stay, down?
Shout out to the ladies with yo' down asses
That keep a tight circle and them round asses (nice)
At the crib it's just us nigga
Fuck me so good make me not trust niggaz
That's my shit, I'm over-protected
You want that good shit you know where yo' connect live
Told my ex don't be bitter, be better
I'll replace her before I re-gret her
Texts now and then that question how I've been
The hook sound like a message I would send


A down girl I remember when I used to bag up in the basement with her
With the attraction of a Michael Jackson swag, but in this case a Thriller
And she was a wolf not in sheep's clothin, but a grey chinchilla
Even though I found another assassin that could never be yo' replacement killer
When I got up in her it was kinda good to me but I know that she don't put it down like you
Cut from the bottom and you up when you rock when on top cause ain't nobody around like you
Pull it back to me and I'm all up in it fully when I'm holdin a palm full of hair
Then I lay you back in missionary position and give it to you good with your Lou' Vuittons in the air
Got a bad new bitch, but she don't be trippin or cuss with them flaws
But she don't be doin the way you be doin it when you be workin them walls
I'm bumpin some [?] I'm fuckin her good, but then you would go frontin
Steady cuttin with the bitches all on me cause I'm with Joe Budden, the one hoes wantin
I'll put you in the category of somebody that'll give it to me good but'll work a nigga nerves
Individual and never particular but I'll never be with her so I'ma kick her to the curb
I got a new woman and though I be buildin her up to be better than you
She fine but don't know how to throw it back, so she can never be you

[Bridge: Tank]
I done put another in your space
Damned if they do, it's been hard to replace
I just want the same judge sittin on the case
She gon' hate, but she know


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