Boomtown Rats

She's So Modern

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La-la-la-la-la (four times)
She's so 20th century.
She's so 1970s.
She know the right things to say
She got the right clothes to wear
'cause she's a modern girl, oh yeah.
A modern girl yeah, ga-ga-ga-ga-ga,
A modern girl, oh yeah.

And Suzie is a jewel
She flashes when she smiles.
She's cunning and she's clever
She's got the lowdown in her files.
Magenta is the best
You know she really makes me laugh
She's always trying' her impressions
She wants to be a photograph, I gotta say now

She's so 20th century
She so etc....
A modern girl, oh yeah.
She's so modern.

Jean confided to me
She's Mona Lisa's biggest fan.
She drew a mustache on her face
She's always seen her as a man.
And Charlie ain't no nazi
She likes to wear her leather boots
'cause it's exciting for the veterans
And it's a tonic for the troops.

She's so 20th century
She so etc ....
A modern girl, oh yeah.
(chorus twice).
She's so modern.

Autor(es): Bob Geldof / Johnnie Fingers

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