Mr. T Experience


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She, shining like a star, like a sun, like a moon
And all that other stuff you know
I wanted everything, she gave me everything
But everything is never enough
What I mean is, she, my kind of fluff.

Like a star or a sun or a moon
Like the surface of a still lagoon
Like a stainless steel spoon she's shining

Reach out to turn her on
She fills the room and hijinks ensue
In dark nights of the soul
I don't mind saying that I think I've had one or two
Tried to tell her, she already knew

like an incandescent wish
Like a silverplate chaffing dish
Like a Siamese fighting fish she's shining
Like a blinding brilliant thing
Like a turned on electric ring
Like a novel by Stephen King she's shining
Ooh ah, ooh ooh ooh ah
Glowing in her jar
Just like a little piece of star

Oh oh oh oh ah

Like a blue electric shock
Like a radioactive rock
Like the hands of a digital clock she's shining
Like the Thames or the Rhine or the Nile
Like a luminescent radio dial
Like a brand new ceramic tile she's shining
Ooh she's shining, ooh she's shining
In this endless night
She's my little misguiding light

Autor(es): Dr. Frank

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