Big D and The Kids Table

Shining On

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I just realized I left my favorite hat at the club last night
Which is tickin' me right off 'cause I
Had that cap since I was real-real small.
Then find out just right now
That my main squeeze went through my phone.
So I guess I'm single now.
Imagine that!

So I sneak right on The T
The conductor sees me
He's kicking me right off with a frown
I grab my bag and I walk on.
Comm. Ave., I hit up Blanchard's
They sell cheap wine, I got six bucks.
Bag rips, wine smash.
Drink it up avoid the glass!

But I can't help from just smiling
When that damn sun is shinning on
Hell, It's just
Shinning down all over me
No, I can't help but just smile
While that damn sun is shining on
Dang, it's just shining down
Down over me

So now I call up my friend
'Cause his girl must be bored 'cause, see
She's been spreading rumors about me
That I robbed her party, but I never had.
I pull out my little disc man
I bought from a crackhead down in Reno
But my Melt-Banana Cd
Is all scratched up.

I think it's stupid all the people who are moaning
Yeah, moaning on
While the sun is shining down
On our city streets
Even all the things people say
Nah, ain't affecting me
Not when that damn sun
Is shining down over me.

Shining down on me.

Born to just never care,
Born to just never care,
Born to just never care
About the stupid things
People moan everyday

So later on I meet Johnny Trouble
At a bar called Shay's, a spit from Charlie's
We sit outside talking about girls
How they're loons but we like them anyway.
No money for pints at the bar
We bring a backpack full of Pabst
Under the table we fill our glass.

So me and Johnny just sit outside
Warmed by that summer night
While those city stars are shining
Down on our streets
And I just can't help from smiling
While those damn stars are shining down
Yeah those stars are shining
Over our city streets

No, I won't be caught moaning
Not when light is still shining down
And me and Johnny
Warmed by that damn summer heat.
And I can't stop from just smiling
When those damn stars are shining on
Yeah, those stars are shining
Over our city streets.

Imagine that?


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