Dick Gaughan


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Then when the storm had settled on the ocean
And the wind had stopped its howling at the sky
There was not a trace of life upon the waters
And he blessed his luck to think that he'd survived

He shook his fingers free from salty waters
Combed them through his finely tailored hair
He looked around to see where he had landed
To find what had been provided for him there

But no rush of servile voices rose to greet him
No one jumped up when he raised his hand
No presidents or servants to obey him
To carry out his order of command

And his anger rose to think that he was stranded
That a man of power like him could stand alone
With no one to provide him food or shelter
He would starve in spite of everything he owned

"Look at me", he cried, "I'm worth a billion
I can lift the phone and raise a billion more"
But the calling of the gulls just mocked his pleading
And the waves crashed relentless on the shore

He cursed the sea that shares could not be bought in
Cursed the wind that would not bow to gold
He cursed the skies he could not hold to ransom
And he cursed the waves his wealth could not control

But the wind belched in his face in soft derision
The sea spat on his status-symbol shoes
The heavens smiled contempt for all his fury
And he saw a force his greed could not subdue

The calling of the seagulls mocked his pleading
The waves crashed relentless on the shore
When years had passed the ocean was still rolling
And the sun still shining brightly up above.

Autor(es): Dick Gaughan

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