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Shirt Of A Happy Man

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The king was sitting talking
To his wise men and a priest
He said "I'm so unhappy
And I'm searching for some peace"
So they put their heads together
And started thinking what to do

Cause the King was turning angry
And this is what he told them to do
He said "Take an army, go and find me
The shirt of a happy man
Then my searching will be over
And the people will be happy at home"

So they went into the country
Started searching far and wide
They found a house all broken down
And nothing much inside
They saw a man who said, "I'm happy"
Turning over the ground
But his back was bare
His hands were worn
There was no shirt to be found
So the King has lost out
He never found
The shirt of a happy man

So his searching is over
And the people will be waiting
A long, long time