Shooters For Hire

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4 in the morning jump out some good pussy
Some real good pussy my nigga really evil
Take off the condom throw on the teflon
Load up the eagle and jump in the regal
It's 4.40, it's about to be 5
I ain't even brushed my teeth low in the hoop ride
Mash through the projects i'm all through the bricks
I see this bitch nigga ahmmm about pussy
6.01 faggot nigga it's done, brrrrrrrraaaat
From the scorpion
Yellow tape boxed em up this nigga is done
Have a cheap ass funeral for low ass pussy
War boy that's what you dying for
King of the jungle i rip you with my lion paw
What you think that iron for
Try me now i'm pump faking
Hit you with the double pole
Have your whole fleet shaking

I need shooters for hire
Fill the application
I need shooters for hire
These niggaz be pussy
I need shooters for hire
I'm spending big money
I need shooters for hire
Cause niggaz act pussy

Who you stab, who you kill
Who you shot nigga

Shoot em up bang bang, shoot em up bang bang
Make every bullet hit his head i wanna see his brains hang
See if you starpped you got to use that burner
You wanna roll with us you gotta be down to commit a murder
I ain't impressed by ya ice grill nigga
I got to know who gets stabbed, shot or killed nigga
Another note shits low on first
Hustlers robbing niggaz cause they can't get no work
For real son respect the recession
Don't wear ya jewellery if you ain; t got ypur gun to protect it
Cause on the strip like where that cocaine at
They talking how yung berg never getting his chain back
Geah g-unit on that street shit
We looking for niggaz to kill niggaz we got beef with
It ain't like we can't do it ourselves
But we getting moiney it's nothing to hire a lil help

Autor(es): ,Uncle Murda

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