Should've Known

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Was at a party, I was feelin' good
Then I looked at her and I new that I should
Go start talking and pretend I was cool
But with my luck she'd see right through me
We started talking and the party was lame
But when you're lonely then anyone is fair game
She started walking away, I thought that maybe today would be my day

I'm old enough to know better than to want a girl that's better than me
But I'll change the world see what been seen just to find a girl
That would say just what she means about these things

We started walking and I copped a feel
Like all my fantacies it felt surreal well
She played along and we had a little fun
That's when she said "babe, I gotta run"
Well as it turned out she wasn't alone
She had a boyfriend, I should've know better
I went inside and got a little drunk
She made me feel cool but I was just a punk